reception reports

Send your reception reports along with any recorded audio, images, or video to Amanda Dawn Christie. In exchange for permission to post those on this website, she will send you a beautifully designed, physical QSL card in the mail. That’s right — by the post.

Please state in the reception report that you are giving me permission to post it on this website and let me know if you will allow me to post your name, or if you would prefer that I just post your city.

Sherwood Park, Alberta - Mickey Delmage

Date in UTC March 26 2019
Time in UTC 0120 to 0126
Frequency 6900 usb
Rx: Perseus SDR
Ant: Wellbrook ALA 100 loop

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Heath Hall

As an avid shortwave listener, I was very eager to be able to take in your very ambitious art project tonight. I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and as powerful as the HAARP antenna farm is (was?) I expected to hear the signal on my home portable and long-wire. But alas no, and as a backup I'd tuned to several online Kiwi SDRs thinking I'd ensure at least one would have a great signal. I'm really sorry to say that none of them pulled in the signals on 3350 or 2800 kHz, including one in Alberta that I'd thought would be a lock.

I did hear the phonetic alphabet portion of your program on 7900 kHz on Kiwis in Lanzenhausern, Switzerland and Milford Pennsylvania, and got a carrier only from one in Fukushima Japan (irony not lost on me!). Maybe I had too many outlets going at once, so was never able to pick up a strong enough signal to decode the SSTV images from any of the SDR's. I did decode most of what I believe were 12 images directly from the live YouTube feed. A few of the more complete ones are attached (#7 isn't complete, but kinda cool anyway). I really like the distorted atmospheric sounds and images, and I'm replaying the YouTube recording right now.

I think I understand some of your message. The old military scans were very appropriate to the moment--kind of fresh-faced retro yet sinister at the same time. I'm going to try to catch you tomorrow night as well and let you know if the propagation improves.

I would really love what will undoubtedly be a unique and creative QSL. Thanks for exploring and extending the boundaries of high frequency radio!


Heath Hall

Shelton, Conneticut, USA - Bob Betts

Thank you for the fun and informative exercise.
I hope the following is of some use to you.
Kindest Regards,

Equipment; This report
Tentec R340
W-J HF1000
AmComm RF Preselector
Amcomm Audio DSP/Noise Reduction Unit
80-Meter Dipole (East-West)
160-Meter Endfed (multi-lobe)

QSL info:
March 25+1, 00:30:00
I. Prelude
March 25+1 00:30:00 - 00:41:00 UTC: 3.35 MHz
II. Introductions to the Ghost
III. Methodologies in Music and Morse
IV. Saxophonal Stochastic Ghost Resonances
March 25+1 00:41:30 - 00:46:30 UTC
1.) West 3.35 MHz
2.) East 2.80 MHz
V. Wolves Chasing the Ghost
March 25+1 00:47:00 - 00:52:00 UTC
1.) West 3.35 MHz
2.) East 2.80 MHz
VI. The Mind and the MRI
March 25+1 00:52:30 - 01:02:30 UTC
1.) West 3.35 MHz
2.) East 2.80 MHz

All above monitored as (Facebook) #1 and #2 Streams

(See Screen grabs, attached)


VII. Letters and Numbers
March 25+1 01:03:00 - 01:09:00 UTC
1.) West 7.90 MHz
2.) East 8.00 MHz

This segment was monitored on 8.0 MHz at station N1KPR.

(7.9 MHz, not received.)
Copy Content: Phonetic Alphabet
RST: 3-2
Readability: weak, Approx.. 50-70% copy readability.
Strength: Approx. S2 – S3, at, or less than, Atmospheric Noise Levels.
Tone; N/A



Screen grabs, attached

END MONITORING at 01:09;30, (+1 at 3/26/19) UTC

Castlegar, BC, Canada - Ray Lundquist

Several days ago, a friend sent me a link to your HAARP project website, and last evening I thought I’d have a listen in hopes of hearing a signal. I wasn’t too optimistic as some time ago I had to cut down one of the trees that had supported my G5RV antenna. It used to work quite well, but now it is way too low to perform as it should.

Anyway, last evening I tuned in using my ICOM IC-738 transceiver, and through a lot of noise I was able to pick up some of your transmissions from Alaska. Here is my signal report for what it’s worth:

March 26, 2019 01:03 – 01:09 UTC 7.900 MHz AM: Phonetic letters of the alphabet AA, BB, CC, ... ZZ. That was followed by the alphabet AAA, BBB, CCC, ... ZZZ. RST 3, 3, – with fading.

March 26, 2019 01:09 – 01:15 UTC 7.900 MHz AM: I could hear the chirping sound of SSTV but did not have a means of recording or translating the sounds which were again covered in static and faded in and out.

March 26, 2019 01:16 – 01:26 UTC 6.900 MHz AM: I could hear sporadic speech but reception was terrible and I couldn’t make out anything. RST 1, 3, – with fading.

If time permits, I may tune in again tonight or later in the week.
Best regards,
Ray Lundquist VE7RFL

Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada - Richard Langley

Tried some of the frequencies last night but reception for me here on the east coast using a Tecsun PL-880 portable receiver and wire antenna away from the house was mostly non-existent. I might have gotten weak audio on 6900 kHz during your narration before the Spanish-speaking fishermen came on the frequency. Attached is a few seconds of my recording when the signal was in the clear. I can tell it's a female voice but that's about it. ;-) Does it sound like you? Any other reports of successful reception from the east coast?
All the best
-- Richard
P.S. Have you decided on the frequencies for this evening's transmissions yet?

Sydney, Australia - Dr. Gough Lui

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your interesting program and use of HAARP to transmit audio and images as experiments like these are often inspiring and educational, especially in regards to shortwave radio. Your experiments have captured my interest and I hope to be able to receive your transmissions over the coming days as well.

My name is Gough Lui and I am a technology enthusiast, a radio amateur (VK2FGYL), a shortwave listener/utility station monitor and an interdisciplinary engineer (PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, B.E. in Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Hons I). While I live near Sydney, Australia, due to the time of day, reception of your program is unlikely at my location, made worse by a high noise floor.

Instead, I have leveraged the network of publicly available KiwiSDR receivers owing to their more suitable location and better receiving antennas to attempt reception of your 0030-0130UTC program on 26th March 2019. Reception was attempted across a total of nine different receivers, although a majority of them were unable to resolve any signal clearly above their noise floor that could not be mistaken for interference from other stations.

I did, however, have success with KPH Maritime Radio Station's KiwiSDR (California, USA) which clearly resolved the SSTV images from Movement VIII on 7900kHz in AM mode:

I also had success with KK6PR's KiwiSDR (Oregon, USA) which clearly copied the NATO phonetic alphabet story of Movement VIII received on 8000kHz in AM mode (audio link):

"My grandfather found a thing in the woods. A box with cameras hanging from a parachute. It came from the CIA. The DND took it."

There is a small amount of leak-through of the SSTV resolved on KK6PR's reception, which is illustrated in my GIF animation:


Should I have more successes in the coming days, I will send further reception reports with more details.

Goettingen, Germany - Thomas M. Rosner

I'm Thomas from Germany. I just want to send you a short email informing you about the nearly "no reception" here in Germany.

I checked all reported frequencies and they were all nil, except the 01:16 to 01:26 UTC (March 26th) circle on 5.100 kHz, but ...

... it was much to weak to identify even the format, I could get a carrier-like signal under a same channel Russian Military morse telegraphy station sending coded 5-letter groups to some out-stations. But even when the Russians would not be there it would be impossible much more informations as "signal with an unidentified format".

The only way to clearly ID that it was "you", was the the time circle, ending at 01:26 UTC.

Sorry to give you that nearly negative report.

Summary report:
26-March-2019 (March 25th + 1): 01:16-01:26 UTC
Frequency: 5.100 kHz
Signal strenght: "veryyyyy" weak (RS-coded report maybe RS 12 maximum)
Receiver: Kenwood TS-50 into a DX-88 outdoor vertical antenna (6-7 meters high and 6-7 meters about ground level)

Sorry again,
but many thanks!
73, Tom (DL8AAM)

Saratov, Russia - Dmitry Elagin

From: Dmitry Elagin
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
To: HAARP Ghosts In The Air Glow
Frequency khz: 3350, 2800, 7900, 8000, 5100, 6900
SINPO: There is no signal at all frequencies
UTC time: 00:30 - 01:30

Program Comments: There is no signal at all frequencies in Saratov, Russia. Possibly power very small. I checked several web sdr of receivers in Canada and Washington. A signal it was not heard anywhere.

Program Details: I decoded SSTV of the image, I use two audio streams from Youtube
Receiver: Receiver: SDRplay RSP1
Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer:
Antenna 1: Long wire antenna 35 meters (115 ft) with MFJ-959C Antenna Tuner SWL and Preamp / MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground
Antenna 2: Active loop antenna R2ATU
Receiver location: Saratov, Russia

Mount Kisco, New York - George Maroti

Date: March 26, 2019
Time: 0107-0116 UTC
Frequency: 8 Mhz (8000 kHz)
SINPO: 24322
Receiver: Drake R8B
Antenna: Half-wave dipole cut for 4 Mhz

I've attached two audio clips of my reception. One clip is almost my entire reception, and the second clip is an edited version with the best audio bits when the signal faded up.

The segment that I heard on 8 Mhz was various words or phrases spelled out in the phonetic alphabet by a female voice, which I'm pretty sure was yours. Unfortunately I couldn't copy entire words, the best I could hear was ABOV... ANGI...GXL....ANGING...HU-E....THE.

I listened in on the live YouTube stream, which was a huge help in trying to tune to the various frequencies throughout the broadcast. The only frequency where I had usable audio was 8 Mhz; I couldn't even detect a carrier on the other frequencies that were used.

I really didn't get a chance to closely listen to the YouTube stream, as I was focused on chasing the DX. What I did hear sounded very ethereal at times, especially the Luxembourg experiment portion. I'll go back and listen to the YouTube capture tomorrow.

LEIbnitz, Austria - Patrick Robic

It´s a tough challenge this time. ;-)

Carriers were visible here in Austria on 7.9 MHz and 8.0 MHz signing on and off at times corresponding with the schedule. From time to time voice was detectable on 8.0 MHz for a few seconds, but far away from understandable. Nothing at all on the other frequencies.

I attached screenshot of my SDR-receiver were the signing on at 0103 UTC could be seen, and a mp3-recording with some very, very weak voice (but that was the best one chatched here).

Date: March 26th, 2019
Time: 0103-0116 UTC (recording from 0106 UTC)
Frequency: 8.0 MHz
Receiver: Perseus SDR
Antenna: MiniWhip
Location: Leibnitz, Austria

I´ll try again this night.
Greetings from Austria,

Ghosts in the air glow1.png

Marcellus, New York - Anthony Spinelli

I'm writing from outside of Syracuse, NY to let you know that the later movements in your piece were audible here. While modulation was very weak, there was certainly instances when things could be made out. Due to my work schedule, today was the only day I was able to receive the piece. I have uploaded a video on YouTube of my reception:

Starting at about 11:22 in that video is "Spy Cameras from the Sky and a Mystery Box in the Woods", which was by far the clearest of the two movements audible, with a stable signal. 8MHz peaked at S9+10dB occasionally. I've only heard HAARP's normal operations out here once, quite a few years ago, so it's a real treat to see someone do this.

I tweeted you a bit earlier in the evening saying how I appreciate that this piece exists. I've always seen shortwave as a really powerful artistic media and medium, and someone taking advantage of that is awesome to me. I've always tried to use it as a central theme of music I make, there's some unspeakable vibe to shortwave. Pardon my geeking, hah.

I am using a Winradio Excalibur SDR, with a 40m doublet antenna up about 50ft in the backyard.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Frequency 3350 khz S=5  I=5  N=4  P=5  O=5
Frequency 2800 khz S=3  I=3  N=3  P=4  O=3
Frequency 8000 khz S=1  I=5  N=2  P=1  O=1
Frequency 6900 khz S=2  I=5  N=2  P=2  O=2

Receiver #1: Tecsun PL-660 with reel antenna ( unable to receive any signal)
Receiver #2: Web SDR online short wave tuner

Program Details:

00:30 Morse code story 3350khz (very strong signal)
00:41 (interference commercials) 2800khz
00:47 Wolves howling/singing (interference talk show possible ESPN sports Radio) 2800khz
00:52 Slow Scan TV ( could not view)
01:03 frequency change to 8000khz ?? signal lost
01:10 Slow scan TV?
01:16 Very faint speaking (could not understand) 8000khz
01:17 Frequency change?? signal lost
01:27 Very faint speaking with interference ( possible mans voice?)
01:28 Prelude, these broadcasts have come from the Athabaskan lands. broadcast ends with Morse code 3350khz very strong signal.

I very much enjoyed the Wolves howling and singing (00:47). The entire program was very interesting. The mix of Art and short wave radio is a area that I have not seen or heard before. I will try to tune in again on one of the later broadcasts to try and pick up more of the program.

I hope my reception report is of use to you and the station. You have my permission to use this reception report on your website or for study use.

Austin, Texas, USA - Jonathan Hinds

Date & Time: 26 March, 2019 at 00:30 to 01:30 UTC
Frequency: 2800 KHz
Receiver: Youtube w/ QSSTV running on Ubuntu 16.04
Location: Austin, Texas
SINPO: 55555
Content overheard: Multiple SSTV images. Please find attached.

Greetings from Austin Texas! First I would like to say how cool your ‘Ghosts in the Air Glow’ project is. It’s fascinating to see technology and art blended together in such a unique way. Overall, it reminded me very much of the album ‘Radio-Activity’ by Kraftwerk. At the same time, it’s also fun to see something exciting related to my hobby of SWL.

I listened to the entirety of the transmission via Youtube. I was hoping to copy at least a small portion of the transmission via shortwave. Unfortunately down here in Austin TX, I could only hear noise on the frequencies you were transmitting on. The radio I was using is a Sangean ATS-803A with a 70ft wire antenna. I also tried a few WebSDR’s located in different areas and unfortunately wasn’t able to copy any signal there either. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I used the Youtube recording of the transmission to play back through the QSSTV software running on Linux. This was also my first time decoding SSTV images and so was quite exciting. Attached are all the images I was able to decode. I think I got all of them except one. I tried multiple times, but the last would not come through.

I hope you find this reception report useful and I look forward to listening to the upcoming transmissions over the next few days. You have my permission to use the attached images in any way you like.

Porland, Oregon, USA - Gary Lippert

I have no reception on 2.80 MHZ or 3.35 MHZ. I can detect a faint carrier on 7.90 and 8.00 MHZ but the audio is too weak to understand anything. I detect a carrier on 5.10 and 6.90 MHZ but is weaker than 7.9 or 8.0. I guess people in Alaska will have good reception but that is about it. I might try some of the other times, but so far it looks like a bust for me.